Missing additional fees on Vrbo reservations

The information in this article is relevant only for Guesty Lite users who started connecting Vrbo before 19 Feb 2024 and for Pro users.

You can create an inventory of fees in Guesty to charge guests for extra services, such as late check-out, laundry services, to collect a damage waiver fee, and cover your damage protection costs.

Additional fees can be created for your entire account or for a specific listing, and you can set them up to be added to reservations automatically or you can add them manually.


Additional fees that are synced with Vrbo (see "Apply fee to channels" below) will be collected by existing auto payment rules. This includes instant and non-instant book reservations and Vrbo reservations made through Rentals United. Learn more about setting up auto payment rules in our best practices.

There could be few possible reasons why additional fees are not syncing with Vrbo, explained below.

Integration Issues

Check if the listing is connected. This may caused the fees not to sync properly.

  • If a listing is in "Failed" or "Contact Vrbo" status, or in "Pending status more than 72 hours after being published, it may require additional verification.

Incorrect Configuration

The additional fees might not be configured correctly, resulting in these fees not being synced to Vrbo.

  • When the Apply fee to channels toggle is ON, the fee is automatically added to future reservations from all supported booking channels. This means guests will see the additional fee on the channel before booking a reservation.
    • This is the recommended setup when setting up Additional Fees to booking channels. However, we currently don't have the option yet to apply an Additional Fee that will exclusively sync to specific booking channel.
  • When the Apply fee to reservations from specific sources toggle is ON, the fee is not added to the selected source. Instead, it is automatically added to the guest invoice after the reservation arrives in Guesty.

In addition, when Vrbo sends an inquiry or a "Request to book" reservation to Guesty, the proposed financials aren't included. As such, Guesty performs and displays its own calculation, which can lead to discrepancies. Once the reservation is confirmed, the complete financial information is sent by Vrbo, and the reservation's financials are updated and accurate in Guesty.


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