Contacts: guests, vendors, owners, and phone book

Contacts refer to your guests, vendors, owners, and other contacts in your phone book. This article explains the various contact categories and how to locate, store, and manage them from your dashboard.


This category represents your guests and potential guests. When a reservation is made, whether through an external booking site, Guesty Booking Engine, Guesty Websites, or recorded manually in Guesty, guest details are automatically saved to the contacts list. Navigate to "Contacts" to view contacts' reservations and their activity log, which tracks all updates made to contact profiles, and creates custom contact reports.



This category is available to use as part of Guesty's premium Accounting feature.

This category is related to people who don't have access to Guesty but whose businesses provide various services to support the maintenance and operations of your properties, such as suppliers, benefactors, etc. 

Phone Book

This category includes all other contacts who aren't guests/owners/vendors/ but it is useful to have their details stored (such as the local taxi station that can drive your guests from the airport).


This category represents the property owners you manage. 


Learn how to create an Owners Portal for a property owner.

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