Connecting your HomeToGo account and listings to Guesty

You can publish your Guesty listings to HomeToGo and manage them directly in Guesty. Once your Guesty account is connected to HomeToGo, you can publish listings at any time, and the content will be synced across the platforms. Follow the instructions below to connect your account and listings to Guesty.

Learn here where you should manage your HomeToGo's listings, reservations, and guest communication after connecting.

Upon integration, HomeToGo will receive your company name and mailing address as recorded in Guesty.

Before you begin

Channel's distribution

All your inventory will be automatically distributed across HometoGo’s network of brands. In case you don't want your inventory to be published to one or more of these brands, contact HomeToGo's team during the onboarding and ask to block the relevant brand.

Connection status

  • Any changes or updates made to listings may take up to 24 hours to reflect on the channel.
  • Learn about the connection statuses & basic troubleshooting here.

Channel's billing

Channel commission: is a % based on gross travel price (i.e., base rent + applicable fees and bookable extras), excluding applicable taxes.

Channel requirements and limitations

  • Claimed inventory in the commercial agreement form vs. live inventory: There should not be more than a 10% deviation.
  • The number of people or max occupancy must be configured (not 0)
  • The number of bedrooms should be configured (not 0)
  • The image count should be between 15 and 60. 
  • The number of amenities needs to be 10 or more
  • Minimum length of stay: 10 days per booking
  • A property description should include at least 700 characters 
  • Seasonality: All-year calendar availability is required
  • The listing's registration number should be displayed (if applicable)

Connecting your account and listings

Step by step:

  1. Reach out to HomeToGo support and provide them with your Guesty account name and mailing address as listed in your Guesty account
  2. Complete HomeToGo's commercial agreement for EU-based clients or Non-EU based clients
  3. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  4. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  5. Click Distribution.
  6. Locate the HomeToGo thumbnail, and click Connect
  7. Click Start connecting to HomeToGo.
  8. If you already have a HomeToGo account, mark the I have already signed up checkbox. Otherwise, click Register here and we'll be in touch. Complete the onboarding questionnaire and repeat the steps.
  9. Click Continue to connect listings.
  10. Select a cancellation policy and a cancellation fee (if relevant) from the dropdowns, then click Next.
  11. Choose the listings you'd like to connect, by selecting All my current listings or Specific listings. If choosing the latter, click Select listings to connect. Then, mark the checkboxes for the relevant listings, and click Done.
    • Please note that only multi-units and single units can be linked to HomeToGo.
      Any unlisted or inactive listings will not be published to HomeToGo. Learn how to activate and list your listings.
  12. Click Done.
    A pop-up will appear letting you know that your listings are pending connection with HomeToGo.
  13. Click Continue to dashboard.

Connecting additional listings

To connect new listings after your HomeToGo account is connected to Guesty, click Connect listings in the top-right corner of your HomeToGo dashboard and follow steps 10 to 13 above.

Disconnecting a listing

Follow the instructions in this article.

Making changes to a listing after initiating the connection process

Making changes to listings after the connection process with the channel was initiated, can only be synced to the channel if the listing’s status is either “Failed” or “Connected”.

For example, if you finished the connection setup to a channel, and the listing is in “Pending” status, adding images to the listing in Guesty won’t be synced to the channel. You will need to wait for the listing’s connection status to change to "Connected", or "Failed".

If the status changed to “Connected”, the added images will be synced to the channel.

If the status changes to “Failed” you will need to initiate the connection process again (the photos will be pushed to the channel).

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