Guesty Locks Manager: Handling a guest code failure

Guest codes that have been generated on a reservation basis can be viewed in Guesty in the Reservations page, in the Inbox, and in the Multi-calendar. See full details here.

If the guest code status is “failed” prior to the guest arrival date, this is typically temporary and the code will automatically reset to “scheduled”. No action is required on your part. If the status remains “failed” for over 1 hour and it is still before the arrival date, please contact us.

If the guest code status is “failed” on the guest’s arrival date or during their stay, make sure that the lock battery level is good and the lock is online, then take the following steps to ensure the guests can access your property without disruption:

  1. Share the guest backup code with the guest.
  2. If the guest backup code is also in failed status, share a team member code with the guest from the Lock Info page.

As a security measure, we recommend deleting a team member code that is shared with a guest, since team member codes do not expire. You can always create a new team member code as needed. See details here.

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