Connecting to Google Vacation Rentals

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You can publish your Guesty Vacation Rentals listings to Google without any commission or referral costs, and enjoy more exposure and direct bookings. Once your Guesty account is connected to Google Vacation Rentals, you can publish listings at any time, and all the content will be synced across the platforms.

Read more about Google Vacation Rentals on the Partner Help Center. Follow the instructions below to connect to Google Vacation Rentals. 

Before you begin

  • This integration works in conjunction with Guesty’s Booking Engine/ Booking Engine API. Your listings must be connected to one of these to be able to integrate with Google.
  • The connection process in Guesty will be per Booking Engine/ Booking Engine API, not per individual listing.
  • If you are a Booking Engine user, please make sure your Booking Websites have been upgraded to Guesty Booking Engines.
  • If you are a Booking Engine API user, please make sure your Booking Engine API uses the reservation quote flow endpoints.
  • Booking Engine API users will have to make adjustments to their API in order to connect it to Google.

Google's requirements


Please note that your listings may be in pending status for up to three weeks while Google verifies the listings' components. If your listings are in pending status for longer than three weeks, please contact us

  • To ensure that listings are published to Google without issues, follow Google's Property Listing Feed Components:
  • A listing must have eight photos featured and at least one photo per room in order to be integrated with Google Vacation Rentals. For more information, please refer to Google’s photo recommendations and best practices.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top menu, hover over Integrations.
  3. From the drop-down, select Distribution.
  4. Click the Google thumbnail.
  5. Click Start connecting to Google to begin the integration.
    1. It may take 10-15 seconds to load before the next page appears.
  6. Check the boxes to select the Booking Engines/ Booking Engine APIs you wish to connect.
    1. If you do not have any Booking Engines/Booking Engine APIs, you must create one in order to connect to Google Vacation Rentals.
      • If you need to leave the setup flow to update or create a Booking Engine/Booking Engine API, when you return to the setup you will be led to an empty integration page. Click Add Listings to add a Booking Engine.
    2. If your Booking Engines/Booking Engine APIs are not displayed, make sure that they have been updated.
    3. Under your Booking Engine APIs, you might see an orange message that says "Missing information to connect". Make sure you have followed all instructions to set up the requirements for Google.
  7. Click Connect listings.
  8. Your listings will be connected to the selected Booking Engines. Click Continue to Google integration dashboard

Properties accepted

For your vacation rental property to be eligible on Google, your property must provide a furnished space that’s private to the guest who’s renting it. A vacation rental must also accept short-term, overnight reservations and be managed and cleaned in-between stays. See the following categories and descriptions below.

Apartment An apartment or flat:
  • Is located in a multi-unit building or complex
  • Has other residents living within the area
Bungalow A bungalow is a single-level home that usually has:
  • A front porch
  • A sloping roof
Cabin A cabin is a small house that’s usually:
  • Built with logs or wood
  • Located by the forest or mountains
Chalet A chalet is a house built with wood and sloping roofs that’s usually:
  • Found in locations popular for skiing
  • Used as a summer home
Cottage A cottage is a cozy house that’s usually:
  • Located in rural areas
  • Near a lake or a beach
Gite A gite is a vacation home found in French-speaking regions of Europe. It’s typically:
  • Found in rural, countryside locations
  • A converted cottage or barn
  • Near a primary residence
Holiday village rental A holiday village rental is a unit in a self-catered resort where visitors:
  • Stay in villas or apartments co-located with other residences
  • Have access to a central area with shops, entertainment, and amenities
House A house is a stand-alone residential building that may share:
  • A wall (like a duplex)
  • An outdoor space
Villa A villa is a luxurious house that usually has:
  • Indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Large gardens
  • A swimming pool
 Vacation rental (other) Vacation rental (other) is an option you can use if:
  • Your property is a lodging business
  • Doesn’t fall under any of the categories mentioned

Listing status

Once you've created your listing in your Guesty account and requested for it to be published to Google, you can easily see the status of the listing. Follow the status changes until you see it was successfully connected.

Listing status: Live in channel

Your request has been approved by Google and is ready to be published. However, this status does not necessarily mean the listing is published on the channel. Please contact the channel’s customer support to learn more.

Listing status: Pending

Your request has been sent to Google and is being reviewed for approval. It may take up to 14 days for a pending listing to be reviewed. If the listing is still pending after 14 days, channel prerequisites or listing limitations may not have been met. Please contact Google customer support to learn more.

Listing status: Failed

There are two failed listing scenarios for Google:

  1. Your listing was not approved by Guesty to be sent to Google. You can see the failure reason in the listings dashboard and fix it as needed. Some possible reasons we may not validate your listing are that there is a missing title, missing public description, or it does not have enough photos.
  2. Your listing has been rejected by the channel because it was illegible or has been in status pending for more than 30 days. Guesty will provide the information as to why your listing has been rejected.

Fees and taxes

Once you create an inventory of additional fees for your account or an individual listing, you can choose which fees to apply by default to Google. Learn more.

Any tax you set up in Guesty per account or for an individual listing is reflected in Google as long as the source is set to "Booking engine" (case sensitive).

Disconnecting a listing

To disconnect a listing from Google Vacation Rentals, please contact us.

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