Merging same-guest reservations into a single conversation thread

A reservation is considered a "same-guest reservation" if the guest is identified as an existing guest.
The identification process is different for Airbnb reservations and reservations from all other booking channels.

To provide you with the context of past communication with that guest, same-guest reservations are merged under the same conversation thread in the Inbox. Users can select which reservation to see from the dropdown menu at the top of the Reservation section of the Inbox widget, but the thread will display all of the messages, regardless of the reservation that was selected.


The order of the reservations under the reservation's toggle at the top will always display the most recently updated reservation first.


Merging conversations for Airbnb,, and Vrbo reservations

Each booking will have a separate thread for Airbnb,, or Vrbo reservations.
If there are multiple bookings from any booking channel for the same guest, they will be marked as a "returning guest" in Guesty.

You can see their previous reservations on the guest widget, but each conversation will be unique from the others — meaning the conversation thread from multiple reservations won't be merged.

Merging conversations for all other types of reservations

An existing guest is identified based on their email address and phone number. If either one already exists in Guesty, we will search for similar guest names (and take into account any typos that may occur).

  1. If the guest doesn't exist, a new conversation is created.
  2. If the guest does exist, we'll check if they have an existing conversation for a previous reservation from the same booking channel account as the new reservation.
    1. If so, the new reservation is added to that conversation.
    2. If not, a new conversation is created, even though it's for the same guest.


A new same-guest reservation will only be added to an existing conversation for a previous reservation if the reservations originated from the same booking channel account.

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