Accounting and Owner Financial Management: Overview

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Accounting by Guesty is a premium feature. Please contact us to discuss activating it.

Easily organize and keep track of your business’ finances. Guesty’s Accounting and Owner Financial Management feature automatically records transactions and generates reports and owner statements based on your preferences. Start by understanding the basics of Guesty’s accounting solution. Watch the video below for some more insight into this exciting feature.



Guesty's Accounting is based on your account currency. As such, related reports are also based on the account currency, besides automated Owner statements, which are based on listing currency.

Accounting basics

Learn how Guesty keeps track of your accounting needs.

Set up your business models

Create Business Models in Guesty which will allow you to set up revenue share agreements with your owners and have the figures calculated automatically. Read the checklist to get started.

Activate Accounting features

Learn how to activate Guesty's accounting features in your account.

Manage reservation folios

The reservation folio displays debit and credit transactions recorded in each account per reservation. Review the reservation folios to make sure that all transactions are accurate.

Review transactions and balances

Stay on top of your company’s finances by using Guesty’s accounting reports. The reports are created based on the Business Models assigned to your listings.

Share Owner statements with Owners

Review and send owner statements to property owners to help them keep track of their listings' revenue.
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