Owner's revenue discrepancies in the Owners Portal

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time.

Below are explanations for the different reasons why the "Owner's Revenue" data or other metrics might not be displayed correctly in the Owners Portal.


1. Automated calendar rules

Automated calendar rules are set up between two listings, so that when a reservation is made on "Listing A", those dates will automatically be blocked on "Listing B", as well.
Those specific blocked dates on "Listing B" won't be considered a reservation — they just represent the reservation that was made on "Listing A".  

If one of your listings seems to have reservations with payouts during a specific month, but the Owners Portal is showing $0 that month, the listing's calendar may have been blocked by automated calendar rules, not actual reservations.

The income on dates blocked by automated calendar rules only applies to the listing where the reservation was made, not the listing that was blocked by the rule.

For example: Let's say your calendar rules blocked Listing B, once Listing A received a confirmed reservation.
The income on dates blocked by automated calendar rules will only apply to Listing A.


2. Imported calendars

If you have imported reservations with confirmation dates and/or check-in dates that are earlier than the listing activation date on Guesty (meaning before you turned on the PMS toggle), the owner’s revenue and other metrics may display as 0.00 on the Owners Portal.

Below are some of the metrics that might not appear due to the importing listing process:

  • Booked nights
  • Occupancy
  • Owner’s revenue


If all a property has for a given month are imported reservations with confirmation/import/check-in dates earlier than listing activation, owners will see 0.00 for that month.
This means that if there are reservations created after the listing has been activated on Guesty, they will be the only reservations accounted for in the data — meaning, imported reservations won't be included or accounted for.

For example: Let's say you have an existing imported reservation for December 10th-14th and you activated the listing on Guesty on December 17th.
You then received a reservation for December 23rd-25th.

The owner will only see metrics for reservations made after December 17th — meaning the reservation for Dec. 23rd-25th.


3. The listing isn't assigned to a business model

If you are using our Accounting feature, then the owner's revenue will be based on the business models you have set up per listing.

If listings aren't assigned to a business model, revenue won't be shown in the Owners Portal.

  1. In this case, you must either assign all listings to an existing business model or create business models for the unassigned listings.
  2. Once this is complete, please contact us to apply the business models retroactively — that way, these changes will also be applied to past reservations.
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