Checking your Airbnb account settings on Guesty

You can view and edit the following Airbnb account settings directly in Guesty.

Follow the instructions below to view or update your Airbnb account settings.

Pro users Lite users

Your current Airbnb booking settings will be displayed:

  • Host ID
  • Account nickname
  • Custom integration email
    This is the email you use to connect your Airbnb account to Guesty.
    Pro users: This will help you when contacting Airbnb support, as well as, allow you to receive emails from Airbnb Support and the Trust and Safety team in the Guesty Inbox.


    We recommend using this email as your login for Airbnb.

  • Forwarding e-mail
  • Company's name


Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click Distribution.
  4. Click the Airbnb thumbnail.
  5. Click the relevant Airbnb account.
  6. Next to the relevant listing, click .
  7. Update the relevant information.
  8. Click Save.
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