Advanced Analytics: Reverting filters back to default settings

Advanced Analytics is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Contact us to discuss activating it.

Guesty's Advanced Analytics gives you the option to apply filters. In each dashboard you can:
  • Use the "Filters" sidebar on the right to choose, for example, the time period for which you would like the data to be displayed and which listings you would like to examine based on city, property type, or the number of bedrooms.
  • View a breakdown of a particular location, for example, by clicking the relevant bar in the relevant widget. When you do this, the entire dashboard will update based on your selection.
To remove these filters, click the refresh icon in the top-right corner of the "Filters" sidebar. The filters will revert back to your default settings.


Up to three users can access Advanced Analytics per Guesty account. Unassigned users will gain access to Guesty's regular Analytics feature. Learn how to assign users.

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