No owner statement was generated for a certain month

Accounting by Guesty is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Please contact us to discuss activating it.

Once set up, owner statements are generated automatically at the beginning of each month and provide a summary of transactions regarding a specific owner for the calendar month before the statement was generated.

The first page of the owner statement is a general summary of the income due to the owner for all of their listings, and the following pages provide a breakdown of that summary per listing.

If an owner statement was not generated in June, for example, the first step is to check if the owner had any reservations in June (check all listings, including sub-units of multi-units). Based on your findings, continue your investigation below.

There were no reservations

If the owner had no reservations in June, for example, then they have no expenses or income for that month and their statement would be $0 due. Guesty does not generate an owner statement in this case. You can, however, generate a statement manually.

If there were no reservations in June, but there was at least one manual transaction, the statement should have been generated in June.

There was at least one reservation

If the owner had at least one reservation in June, for example, continue your investigation:

  1. Compare check-in and check-out dates with revenue recognition. Let's say the reservation was only partially in June, from 25.05.2021 to 05.06.2021:
    • If you recognize revenue at check-in, all revenue from the reservation is attributed to May and is expected to be in the May owner statement.
    • If you recognize revenue at check-out, all revenue from this reservation is attributed to June and is expected to be in the June owner statement.
  2. Check if the June transactions were processed through the business model after the June owner statement was supposed to be generated:
    1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
    2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector, and select Accounting mode.
    3. Click General ledger and select Posting journal.
    4. Find a June reservation you expected to see on the missing owner statement (you can use the filters above the table to search for the relevant listing).
    5. Above the table to the right, click Columns and turn on the toggle for "Creation date" to add it to the report - this date is when the transaction was processed through the business model: 
      • If the "Creation date" is after the generation date of the June owner statement, you can contact us to generate it for you. 

The reservation is missing the Accounting Folio

If a listing is assigned to the business model, but there is a reservation from this listing with no Accounting Folio, it could be due to the fact that the reservation was created before the listing was assigned to the business model.
You can reprocess the listing from the business model, or contact us to assist you with this matter.


If you would like to change the auto generation date for your owner statement please contact us.

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