Owner's revenue in the Owners Portal and in Advanced Analytics don't match

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The owner's revenue is the result of numbers calculated in a certain way. In Guesty we have more than one way to calculate and the numbers can change based on when your revenue is recognized. Let's look at a simple, non-revenue, example: the number of happy kids in camp can be "number of kids * number of cookies" or "number of kids - number of sad kids", and the "number of kids" can be counted at the start of the day or the end, after some kids may have gone home early.

Revenue in Advanced Analytics is calculated using your Commission Calculations formula. The revenue in Advanced Analytics can be recognized at confirmation or on the check-in date, for example - based on your preference and business needs.

Revenue in the Owner's Portal is also calculated using your Commission Calculations formula, but if you're using our Accounting feature it's calculated using the relevant business model. Either way, the revenue in the Owner's Portal is calendar-based, which means it's recognized based on the nightly rate of each day of the reservation.

If the revenue for a specific owner isn't the same in the Owner's Portal and Advanced Analytics, it could be because the revenue is calculated differently in each one, but even if they both use the Commission Calculations formula, the revenue could still be recognized differently in each one. You can learn more about revenue recognition in Advanced Analytics here.

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