Why am I not receiving Booking.com guest messages in my Guesty Inbox?

To make sure your Booking.com guest messages are received in the Guesty Inbox, check that Guesty is set as the connectivity provider in the Extranet for each of your listings. Also, make sure you marked the "Guest messages" checkbox in the Extranet.
If you checked the above and you still don't receive your guests' messages, please contact us.


  • As of September 2023, Guesty integration email is no longer required when setting up a connection with Booking.com, as guest messages will be delivered via an API connection. All newly added listings will have the Messaging API feature already activated.
  • When you send your guest a message via Booking.com, the messages will go through an API connection to the guest, so no email notification will be forwarded to your proxy email address.
    The forwarded email notification only applies when using via Email to communicate.
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