Advanced Analytics: Guesty Booking Engine dashboard

Advanced Analytics is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Contact us to discuss activating it.

The Guesty Booking Engine dashboard in Advanced Analytics gives insight into the most important data concerning your Guesty Booking Engine listings. Adaptable widgets showcase various analytics such as unique visitors to the site, click-through rate (CTR), conversion metrics, mobile stats, and top search results, among more. Learn about what the dashboard offers below.  

Website analytics

The Website Analytics widgets allow you to see several high-level metrics of your listings so you know exactly where your data stands at any given time. All data is presented based on the time period selected in settings (growth) and is compared to the previous time period. For example, if you have chosen the time period filter to be "This & last month", the data will show the current month and the previous month as well as the 60-day period preceding it. See the widgets below:
  • Unique visitors that visited a property listing are users that clicked on a property listing on the website.
  • Unique visitors that visited the listing's check-out page.
  • Click-through rate (CTR) - the percentage of users who continued to the checkout page of the listing versus those who only viewed the property listing page.
  • Visitors that created a reservation.
  • Conversion rate (CVR) - the percentage of users who made a reservation versus those who only viewed the property listing page.
  • Conversion Metric graph - combined bar and line graph showing the visitors, CTR, and CVR data.
  • Main funnel graph - a bar graph showing the number of visitors who viewed the property listing, advanced to the check-out page, and made a reservation.
  • Conversion metrics per listing - a chart that highlights key data such as visitors, CTR, and CVR, among others.

Top searches

The most important top search results in your Guesty Booking Engine account include the following for your convenience:
  • Which cities your guests are searching in
  • How many nights your guests are looking to book
  • Number of guest count searched

About the visitors

You can view the following data concerning miscellaneous information such as:
  • Mobile vs. non-mobile users
  • Coupons redeemed
  • Reservations created - an in-depth chart showing the most relevant data including the reservation ID, listing nickname, reservation status, coupon status, check-in/out dates, number of nights, booking window, HostPay, accommodation fare, and cleaning fee.


Using the "Filters" menu on the right side of the screen, you are able to filter your data according to:
  • Period (time)
  • Website name
  • Listing nickname
  • Listing country
  • Listing state
  • Listing city
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