What do I need to know about Vrbo and taxes?

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Once taxes are set up in Guesty on your account or an individual listing, they are synced to Vrbo. The following information should be noted when setting up your taxes:
  • All invoice items are taxable.
    • If an additional invoice item is added, the total tax will be recalculated to include the new item.
  • Vrbo supports only "Per night" and "Per stay" quantifiers when adding a percentage tax.
  • When a percentage tax is added and applied only to the "Accommodation fare" in Guesty, it is displayed in Vrbo as applied to the accommodation fare as well as any existing fees. This happens regardless of the chosen quantifier - "Per night" or "Per stay". In Guesty, this tax will apply only to the accommodation fare.
  • Tax conditions do not apply to reservations made through booking channels, and “Length of stay” conditions are not supported for Vrbo. If a reservation came from Vrbo with a “Length of stay” condition of 29 or more nights, taxes will still apply to the reservation.


Vrbo collects and remits taxes in the United States (in all states). However, Vrbo users who are integrated with third-party software such as Guesty are the merchant of record, and as such, they collect the payments. Vrbo will only collect the service fee in these cases.

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