Connecting to Szallas


This is currently available for Pilot users only.

You can link your complex listings to Szallas and manage them directly in Guesty. Once linked, the listings’ rates, availability, and inventory (ARI) will be synced across the platforms. After finishing the setup, track each listing’s connection status and rate plan mapping.

Learn where to manage your listings, reservations, and guest communication after connecting to Szallas.


Before you begin

Below is some important information to know before connecting your accounts:

  1. You must have a Szallas account before initiating the setup.
  2. After creating the account on Szallas, reach out to your Szallas account manager or Szallas support, and request them to connect the relevant Hotel IDs to the Guesty/YieldPlanet provider.
  3. Ask the account manager/support team to confirm your login and password credentials to establish an API integration between Guesty/Yieldplanet and Szallas.
    Please note that these credentials may differ from the login and password you use to access your Szallas dashboard.

We recommend unlisting/stopping selling your rate plans on Szallas until the connection process is completed to avoid double bookings and other reservation syncing issues.


  • Creating listings on Guesty and then publishing them to Szallas isn’t supported
    You can only connect (“link”) your existing listings in Guesty to their matching existing listings in Szallas.
  • Szallas only supports "Complex" property type
  • Only ARI and the reservation details will be synced between Guesty and Szallas
    Any additional content (additional fees, amenities, listing description, etc.) won't be synced between the platforms and should be managed on Szallas.
  • Only the "base price adjustment", "listing availability", and "minimum number of nights" rate plan settings can be managed in Guesty, and will be synced to Szallas
    This means that all the other rate plan settings (including cancellation policies) must be managed on Szallas.


Connecting a Guesty complex to a Szallas Hotel ID

Follow the instructions below to connect a listing to Szallas, or watch our video. Repeat the connection setup for each complex you’d like to connect.

Step by step:

  1. Learn about room types in a complex before you start. 
  2. On Szallas, create the relevant room types of each Hotel ID, and assign them the relevant rate plans.
  3. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  4. In Guesty, create a complex listing corresponding to each Hotel ID you want to connect. Use the same currency for the listing in Guesty and its corresponding listing on Szallas. Create and assign at least one rate plan to each of the room types in Guesty. Your rate plans in Guesty must correspond to the rate plans on Szallas
  5. When you’ve finished, in the top navigation bar of the dashboard, click the mode selector and
  6. select Growth mode.
  7. Click Distribution.
  8. Click the Szallas thumbnail.
  9. In the "Verify account" step, add your Szallas login and password provided by your Szallas account manager/support team.
  10. Follow the instructions in the connection setup, including:
    • Linking each complex in Guesty to its matching Hotel ID in Szallas 
    • Matching each room type in Guesty to its corresponding room type in Szallas. You can skip this step, and return to it later via the integration page.
    • Mapping the room types' rate plans in Guesty to their corresponding rate plans in Szallas. You can skip this step, and return to it later via the integration page.


    • Rate plans make your listing sellable and searchable on Szallas. If you connect a room type but don’t map any rate plan associated with it, the room type will not be live on the channel.
    • Rate plans cannot be assigned in bulk and must be added manually for each unit type.
  11. When you've finished the connection process, click Continue to dashboard.

Your mapped rate plans will automatically resume being sellable on the channel.

Connecting new complexes

You can connect additional Hotel IDs to Guesty at any time. Simply click Connect listings in the top-right corner of your Szallas dashboard, then follow the instructions in the connection setup.

Disconnecting complexes

To make your listing unsellable on Szallas, disconnect all the listing's rate plans.

There is no option to remove a connection between a Guesty complex and a Szallas Hotel ID. If you need to entirely remove the connection, contact your Szallas account manager and ask to disconnect Guesty/YieldPlanet as a provider to your account on Szallas.

Adding or changing Szallas room types and rate plans

Learn how to add or change a room type and rate plan.

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