Receiving a GuestyPay payout

GuestyPay optimizes your payment processes by integrating all records, reports, and transactions into a unified platform..

In the article below you will find answers to some common questions and actions related to your payouts.


Frequently asked questions

When will I receive my payouts from GuestyPay?

GuestyPay payouts are carried out every day of the week, including Sunday, and are sent to your bank seven days after the settlement. Because banks only process transfers on business days, payouts sent from GuestyPay to your bank on weekends are generally received by your bank on the first business day of the week (Monday).

Where can I see my GuestyPay payouts history?

Click on Sub-account reports in the left-hand menu of your Payments dashboard. Choose Payouts in the dropdown menu. At the top of the page, choose which Guesty account and GuestyPay account you'd like to see data for. Your Guesty accounts will be seen under Select platform account(s) and your GuestyPay accounts will be seen under Select sub-account(s). Filter the payouts according to your needs by date, payout details, transaction details, and processor details. All payouts will be shown according to the most recent date in the chosen date range.

What is a payout descriptor and how will it appear on my bank account statement? (GuestyPay)

A payout descriptor is the specific information seen on your bank account statement related to a payout transaction. All payouts received from GuestyPay will have "Payfacto" as the payout descriptor and this will be seen on your bank account statement next to the amount of the payout and the date your bank received it.


Frequently performed actions

Identify the bank account where your payout will be deposited.

Find the reservation corresponding to your payout.




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