Maintaining dashboard access post-account deactivation

If you choose to discontinue your Guesty service, you will still have access to the GuestyPay dashboard to process refunds.

If you don't seem to have access, reach out to our CX team, and they will grant you access to the GuestyPay dashboard through the Transactions report.

To log into the Guestypay dashboard, navigate in your browser to, and use the same login credentials as previously used to login to GuestyPay.


Deactivating your account in Guesty


A GuestyPay account with a processing history must remain active for at least 6 months as per regulatory requirements.

The account will only be disabled after all outstanding transactions (chargebacks, refunds, rolling reserve releases, and payouts) are resolved:

  • Any collected reserves (if applicable) will be released according to the scheduled release timeline
  • The monthly fee (if applicable) will apply throughout this period according to the agreement.


Processing refunds

Refunds can be initiated directly from the GuestyPay dashboard by right-clicking on a processed sale transaction in the Transactions report and selecting Refund or Partial Refund.

In cases where refunds result in a negative balance in your processing account, the amount will be debited from your linked bank account via ACH. This action is conducted in accordance with our rights outlined in sections 6 and 8 of the Agreement.

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