Understanding transaction type and status in GuestyPay Transaction report

Understanding the various transaction processed in GuestyPay is critical to ensure that your business operations runs smoothly. Read the Transaction report article to learn more.

Transaction type

Review the below table to find a detailed explanation of the transaction types available in GuestyPay:

Transaction type


Verify Checks the validity of the payment method provided, e.g. the credit card data validation. This step is crucial in ensuring that the payment information provided is legitimate and that the transaction can proceed securely.
Authorization Validates the payment information and reserves a security amount on the credit card balance until the actual charge is executed. Authorization transaction helps reducing the risk of fraudulent transactions and credit card misuse.
Void/Partial void

Used to cancel an Authorization transaction. The amount reserved by the Authorization transaction is then released back to the credit card balance.

Capture/Partial capture The actual deposit of funds after the successful Authorization, meaning funds are transferred from the Buyer’s bank account to the Merchant’s bank account.
Charge A direct deposit of funds without a prior Authorization transaction.
Refund/Partial Refund Transaction returns deposited funds back to the Buyer (credit card holder). This transaction is based on a previous transaction (Charge/Capture)
Credit Used to make a direct credit transaction to the Buyer and is not based on any previous transaction.
Retrieval A process through which a cardholder requests from the bank for more information about a charge on their account (i.e. receipt for the purchase) because they don't recognize it. The merchant needs to respond by providing information on the charge, otherwise it will become a chargeback. It’s only informational, the amount is not debited.
Chargeback Used to process a chargeback transaction on a deposit transaction (Charge/Capture). The chargeback process is initiated by the cardholder or the card issuing bank, to reverse the payment transaction that has already been settled.
Representment Occurs when the processor sends a representment based on the submitted dispute package. It’s only informational, the amount is not debited.
Arbitration Occurs when a decision has been made whether a dispute has been accepted or the chargeback remains in place. It’s only informational, the amount is not debited.
Reversal Counters a chargeback transaction.
Credited Chargeback Chargeback transaction on the deposit that has already been refunded.


Transaction status

Each transaction has a few statuses:

  • "Processed": A successfully processed transaction.
  • "Declined": A transaction which was not successfully processed.

    Investigate why your transaction was declined

    Search for possible reasons for the decline in the GuestyPay UI

    To check the reason your transaction was declined, click the downward blue arrow to the left of the "Transaction Type", then click Processor Details. After understanding the reason for the decline and fixing it, (see below examples) you may need to create a new payment.

    Possible reasons for your transaction being declined:

    • Declined with reason "insufficient funds". In this case you need to reach out to the guest to get the payment or cancel the reservation
    • Declined with reason "technical error". In this case reach out to the CX team to understand why the processing fails
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