Advanced Analytics is a premium feature available to Pro users only. Contact us to discuss activating it.

The Historical Snapshot feature within the general overview dashboard gives you insight into your listings' data on any given date of your choice and allows you to measure the changes in your most important analytical data at a glance. Access this feature by scrolling down within the general overview dashboard and clicking on Historical snapshot.


Data included in this snapshot is only available from May 8th, 2023.

Metrics included


You are able to view six months of data ahead of the current date of the snapshot.

Total booked

The total number of booked days during the selected period. 

Total bookable

The total number of days that either have a reservation or are available to be booked during the selected period.


The rate at which properties have become occupied during the selected period. In Guesty, the occupancy rate is calculated as follows: the number of booked days divided by the number of bookable days.


The total income on the specific day during the selected period. Revenue is calculated based on the total host payout of "confirmed" or "canceled" reservations. In Advanced Analytics, revenue can also be calculated based on net income, accommodation fare or net accommodation fare. Click here for more information.

Revenue change

The change in revenue from the previous day.

ANR (Average Nightly Rate)

The sum of dividing the host payout or accommodation fare for a confirmed reservation (depending on your average nightly rate calculation setup) by the number of nights booked for that reservation.


Using the "Filters" menu on the right side of the screen, you are able to filter your data according to:
  • Period (time)
  • Listing nickname
  • Listing tag
  • Listing country
  • Listing state
  • Listing city
  • Listing neighborhood
  • Listing active (active listings)
  • Listing listed (any listing that is listed, whether it is active or not)
  • Owner name


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