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The Pace report dashboard in Advanced Analytics provides a comparison of your revenue, average nightly rate (ANR), and booked days, comparing the current year with the same day in the previous year. The information in this dashboard can give you an indication of whether you need to increase marketing efforts, adjust pricing, or make other changes to match or improve upon your listings' performance last year. See below a summary of all the widgets found on the "Pace" dashboard.


The data does not include cancelled and imported reservations.

Revenue current year

This section displays the revenue of your selected listings for the selected timeframe, comparing the current year with the previous year. You can also see here the percentage of year-over-year growth for the set time period.
You can see shows how your listings have performed on a monthly basis compared to the same time last year.

Booked listings (unique) in period

This section displays the number of days blocked due to a reservation each month compared to the same month last year, as well as the percentage of year-over-year growth.

Average revenue per listing in period

Here you can see the average revenue per listing this year compared to the same month last year, for the selected listings. 

ANR this year

View a calculation of your average nightly rate (ANR) this year for the selected listings compared to the same listings last year. 

Average booked nights per listing

Here you can see the average number of nights that your listings have been booked for in a year-over-year comparison. 

For example, you may see that your average booked nights is the same as last year but if your ANR has increased, the revenue in the current year will show a correlating rise.

Booking window trends

This graph gives you an indication of how much time in advance of check-in the reservation was confirmed, split into the categories Next 7 Days, Next 30 Days, Next 30-60 Days, Next 60-90 Days, and Next 90 Days. You can use this to estimate how many reservations you can expect in a certain time period. You can see a breakdown of the categories for your selected timeframe and selected listings.

Breakdown by listing

This section provides a detailed table for the selected period, broken down by listing. You can easily export this table as a CSV file.

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