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Here are our guidelines and recommended best practices for using Custom Fields:

  1. Use Custom Fields to add dynamic details to your listings and reservations, and to filter your Custom Reports.
  2. Set Listing Custom Fields for information that varies from listing to listing (i.e., parking information and wifi password).
  3. Use Reservation Custom Fieldsfor information that varies per reservation, such as flight details or guest nationality.
  4. Use Custom Field placeholders when sending messages in the Guesty Inbox or creating templates for Automated Messages.
    1. A placeholder will automatically be created each time you add a Custom Field.
      For example: {{wificode}}.
    2. When you insert a placeholder in a message sent from Guesty, the value in the Custom Field's corresponding placeholder will be populated.
  5. After you create a custom field, you can set a default value for this field per listing or reservation.
  6. You can also add sending conditions to your Automated Messages based on your Custom Fields.
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