Guesty Locks Manager: Sending lock codes to your guests

With Guesty Locks Manager, you can manage every smart lock you use remotely – all from one dashboard – with an automatic, unique code generator and full visibility into lock data. See more information here.

Once you’ve linked your locks to Guesty properties the codes will be generated automatically for all confirmed reservations with future check in dates, and when new reservations are confirmed. Code validity is created/updated for all reservations with an ETD date and time in the future, allowing for last minute reservations.

In order to share the guest codes with your guests you must set up automated messages that include the code variable.

  1. Create or edit an automated message to send to guests based on reservation confirmation or check-in. See more information here.
    1. Schedule at least 20 minutes after reservation confirmation to allow time for the variable to populate.
  2. In your message content, use the variable {{guest_access_code}}. See more information here.


 If you already have an automated message set up to send lock codes, in order to share the new Guesty Locks Manager codes you must update the variable from {{keycode}} to {{guest_access_code}}

Once your locks are linked to properties, the code creation is activated by default as follows:

  • 4 digits in length
  • To be activated at ETA
  • To be deactivated at ETD
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