Payment processors in Guesty: Credit card verification

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Credit card verification is a step in the payment process where the credit card issuer confirms the user's identity. This process is essential in improving risk management, lowering the possibility of chargebacks and refunds, and preventing fraudulent activity. Read more below to learn about each payment processor's credit card verification process:


We take credit card fraud prevention seriously here at Guesty. GuestyPay, Guesty's internal payment processor, provides a payment verification protocol for all credit cards. This process involves verifying every credit card received with the card issuer. Best of all, this verification process is free of charge for all users.


"Know Your Customer" (KYC) obligations require Stripe to verify accounts in several different ways. Click here for more information.

Merchant Warrior

Merchant Warrior subjects every credit card to a zero-dollar authorization transaction as part of its verification process, which is subjected to additional fees.
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