Connecting a Rentals United Account to Guesty

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Rentals United is a channel manager. As a channel manager, it allows you to distribute your listings to multiple booking channels. Once you're connected to Rentals United, you can choose which booking channels you want to use in the Rentals United dashboard. 


Every channel allows for different levels of connection with channel managers. Some channels allow full access, while others only sync calendars and reservations.

How to Connect to Rentals United

  1. Reach out to your contact at Guesty about adding your listing to more channels.
  2. We will help set up the introduction meeting with Rentals United.
  3. Change your email in all relevant accounts and listings to the email.
  4. Publish your listings to Rentals United.


Depending on the channels you wish to connect to, it can take a few days to a few weeks to connect. Your Account Manager at Rentals United will be able to provide you with more information.


Check out the list of all channels you can get get exposure to.

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