Airbnb messages create multiple conversations in the Inbox

When Airbnb sends Guesty a message, they send the guest ID and conversation ID.

If both IDs match existing IDs in Guesty, the new message will be added to the guest's existing conversation thread in the Inbox.

Use our troubleshooting guide below if two separate conversations were created for the same Airbnb guest.

The listing assigned to the reservation isn't under the same Airbnb account

  1. Check if the listings assigned to the reservations are in the same Airbnb account
  2. If not, the messages were separated because they originated from two different accounts.


Messages are in separate Airbnb threads

  1. Check if the messages are on the same message thread in Airbnb
  2. If not, the messages were separated because Airbnb sent Guesty different conversation IDs.
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