Auto Tasks: Confirmed task reverted to pending

When you create an Auto Task template, you can choose when the task begins ("Schedule for") and you can also set a time frame for the completion of the task ("Can start from" and "Must finish before").

These tasks are linked to the schedule of the a reservation, and therefore changes in the reservation's schedule may cause changes in the tasks' status. For example, you made change to the check-out time of a reservation, tasks with a "Confirmed" status linked to that reservation's check-out schedule, will revert to a "Pending" status.

This behavior is by design, and helps ensuring that the assignee of a task is aware of the change in the schedule. The tasks will be re-confirmed when the assignee accepts the task via the Guesty mobile app


When a reservation is altered, the relevant Auto Task will only update if the reservation status is one of the following:
  • Canceled
  • Pending
  • Confirmed


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