Reasons for why an Auto Review wasn't posted

The Auto Reviews feature is available for Airbnb connections.

Below are a few reasons why the Auto Reviews feature might not be working:

    • Importing guest review history isn't supported
      Guesty can only import reviews for reservations that were created in Guesty — meaning not all Airbnb listing reviews will be shown.
    • There can only be one review per reservation
      In case a review for an Airbnb reservation was first posted directly on Airbnb, Guesty will not send a review for that reservation again via the Auto Reviews feature.
    • The Auto Review feature isn't activated on the listing
      To make sure that a guest gets reviewed automatically, Auto Reviews must be activated on the relevant listing, and at least one template must be created. Reviews will be posted for reservations with a check-out date after the feature was activated.
    • Using unsupported variables
      The Auto-Review template must only contain the supported variables: {{guest}}, {{guest_first}}, and {{listing_address_city}}. 
    • The Listing is not connected to Airbnb
      Make sure the listing is connected between Guesty and Airbnb.
    • The reservation wasn’t activated in the reservation itself
      Check if you’ve stopped a reservation's Auto Review from being posted.
    • Auto Review settings might not be configured correctly
      Check the Auto Review settings have been configured properly — meaning you’ve created at least one template and have activated the feature.
      The Auto Review feature will be applied to future reservations (yet to be created) and existing reservations (already confirmed but have not checked in yet).
    • Auto Review feature was activated too late
      If the Auto Review template was activated after the reservation has been checked in, the feature won’t work.


Learn more about how to set Auto Reviews.

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