Rate Strategy: How Guesty Calculates Multiple Pricing Rules For the Same Dates

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When using Guesty's Rate Strategy feature, your listings' pricing and minimum nights are updated in bulk based on the rules that you set up. If multiple rules are added to a Rate Strategy, it is likely that more than one pricing rule will apply on the same date. 
When this occurs, each night is calculated based on the sum of the percentage point increases and decreases. The minimum night rule applied is based on the most restrictive rule in place.
See the examples below.

Example 1: Overlapping Seasonal Discount and Holiday Surcharge

Rule 1: Winter Season
  • 15 November - 15 January
  • Decrease by 5%
Rule 2: Christmas Holiday
  • 20 December - 2 January
  • Increase by 20%
For overlapping dates, the listing's base rate will be increased by 15%. 
(20% increase - 5% decrease)


To add a full 20% to the base price over the Christmas Holiday, the rule must be set for a 25% increase to account for the winter season discount.

Example 2: Overlapping Seasonal Surcharge, Holiday Surcharge, and Weekday Discount

Rule 1: Summer Season
  • 1 July - 31 August
  • 3 night minimum
  • Increase by 10%
Rule 2: 4th of July Holiday
  • 28 June to 10 July
  • 5 night minimum
  • Increase by 50%
Rule 3: Recurring Days
  • Mondays and Tuesdays
  • 1 night minimum
  • Decrease by 15%
Nights booked: 01 July - 05 July
The most restrictive rule of 5 nights minimum is applied.
01 July - 03 July, Friday through Sunday: per night increase by 60% 
(50% increase + 10% increase)
04July - 05 July, Monday through Sunday: per night increase by 45%. 
(50% increase + 10% increase - 15% decrease)


To avoid under or over-pricing, you can choose minimum and maximum percentages that a rate can automatically change by. Learn more


To avoid pricing discrepancies, learn how Rate Strategy works alongside other Guesty features, third-party pricing tools, and your connected booking channels.

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