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Connecting Agoda to Guesty requires three steps:

  1. Connecting an Agoda account to Guesty
  2. Importing the listings
  3. Linking them to your existing Guesty listings


Before you begin

Before connecting Agoda to Guesty, we suggest reviewing our Agoda connection checklist/guide below.

  • Guesty supports Agoda Homes accounts, not YCS accounts
  • Availability, rates, minimum nights, and reservations can be managed directly in Guesty
  • It's not possible to connect listings located in Central or South America
  • Agoda accepts customers from the following states in the United States:
    • Florida
    • Georgia
    • Massachusetts
    • Nevada
    • Oregon
    • South Carolina
    • Texas
  • The property types in Agoda should be set as Apartment, Villa, Bungalow, or House
    • Serviced Apartments and Hotels are currently not supported
  • The taxes and fees set in Agoda should match those in Guesty exactly
  • Changes to a listing's information (such as address and pictures) should be updated both in Guesty and Agoda
  • The listings in Agoda should be set as Instant Booking
  • Reservations from the last 90 days are imported
    Older reservations will show up as blocked dates in Guesty's calendar.
  • The extra person fee in Guesty won't sync with Agoda
    Since the "extra person fee" doesn't sync from Guesty to Agoda, the fee must be set up directly in Agoda for it to be applied and charged.
    Learn more about how to set up additional fees in Agoda with Agoda's Help Center article.


Connect your Agoda account and listings

Below is a guide/list of our articles that can help you complete the process.

Step 1: Connect an Agoda account to Guesty

Choose from the following 2 options to get started:

  1. If you already have an Agoda account, connect your existing account.
  2. If you don't have an existing account, connect a new Agoda account.


Step 2: Import your Agoda listings to Guesty

Once your Agoda account is connected, import your existing Agoda listings into Guesty.


Step 3: Link your Agoda listings to your Guesty listings

After you've imported your listings, link the imported listings with your listings in Guesty.


Export your Guesty listings to Agoda


This option is only relevant if you're located in the USA or APAC.
If you aren't in the USA or APAC, you'll need to onboard your listings directly in Agoda.

Once your Agoda account is connected, you can choose to import your Guesty listings to Agoda.
Contact us with a list of the listings that you wish to be imported to Agoda.

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