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Virtual Front Desk (VFD) offers an alternative way to handle guest check-ins: Wall-mount a tablet in the corridor of your rental building and transform it into your very own front desk reception. By simply touching the screen, your guests can video call you to complete their check-ins as if they were at a physical front desk reception.
Follow the steps below to integrate VFD with Guesty. Don't have an account yet? Sign up for a free trial here.
  1. In Guesty, create your booking engine API instance and copy the credentials.
  2. Sync your VFD account:
    1. Log in your VFD dashboard.
    2. Navigate to "Settings".
    3. Activate the Guesty button and click OK.
    4. Paste the Guesty API key (copied in step 1) and click Update.
    5. Click on the Properties menu.
    6. Click Add with Guesty.
    7. Select the properties you want to import and click Import.
The Guesty properties are now imported and you’re ready to start using VFD.


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