Mobile App Overview: Reservations

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The Reservations section in the Guesty mobile app allows you to enjoy many of its desktop features while on the go. Tap  0e57a9a8-1fac-4f25-8259-9c500f1219fa  at the bottom of the app to navigate to Reservations. See below the reservation-related actions you can take in Guesty's mobile app.

Reservations Search

Easily search for reservations by the name of the guest or confirmation code. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top-right corner, enter the information in the search box any relevant reservations will be displayed. Click a reservation to open it up.

Create a Reservation

Create a new reservation directly via the Multi-Calendar by tapping the desired start date and entering the relevant details.

See Check-ins and Check-outs on Certain Dates

Easily see which guests are checking-in or out on certain dates. At the top of the Reservations section, tap Check-ins or Check-outs and select the relevant date on the calendar. The relevant reservations will be displayed below.

Edit a Guest's Personal Details

Edit a guest's name, contact details and more using the mobile app. Learn more.

Change the Number of Guests

Change the number of guests that are staying at a property for a particular reservation. Learn more.

Move the Guest to a Different Listing

Relocate a guest to a different listing via the Guesty mobile app. Learn more.

Make a Telephone Call to the Guest

Use Guesty's mobile app to call guests that have provided their phone numbers. Learn more.

View a Reservations Financials

View a reservation's invoice items and total payout by tapping 371983af-1c0f-492a-a65b-f47de7f034e8 at the top of a reservation. 

Quick Navigation to the Guest's Conversation in the Inbox

Tap 937c957e-4945-4ce7-a0fd-ca9028872c53 at the top of a reservation to be redirected to the guest's conversation thread in the Inbox.

Edit a Reservation's Custom Fields

Add extra information to your reservations by creating custom fields in Guesty. The field will appear on each reservation and can you fill in the relevant information whenever needed. Learn how to add or edit information in a custom field via the Guesty mobile app.


You can also access a reservation by tapping it on the Multi-Calendar.

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