Guesty billing sales tax FAQs

How is sales tax calculated?

Sales tax is a percentage of the fee you pay to Guesty each billing cycle. It is not based on the revenue from your reservations.

How is the sales tax rate determined for the location where my business Is incorporated?

Guesty uses top-tier tax solutions that inform us of the adequate sales tax rates to apply to your invoice based on all jurisdictions that you are under, such as city, county, state, and country. 

Am I charged different tax rates for properties in different locations?

Even if you have properties in different locations, you will not be charged a different tax rate for each location. One tax rate is charged per Guesty account, which is where your business is registered.

Who do I contact if I am paying the wrong sales tax on my software fees?

If you receive a billing invoice from Guesty for your software fees, and you have a concern regarding the tax that was added to this billing invoice, please contact


This is ONLY referring to your software fees paid to Guesty. For taxes that you as the host charge to your guests, we recommend setting up taxes on the account level and/or listing level. If you have any questions regarding your account or listing level taxes, please contact Customer Experience.

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