Transitioning to Guesty Locks Manager from another lock management system

When you transition to Guesty Locks Manager from another locks management system, ongoing reservations - those that have already check-in - need to be managed under the previous system.

The lock codes created under your previous system will still work, but they will not be seen in Guesty Locks Manager. Guesty Locks manager will start creating codes only for reservations with check-in dates in the future.

During this transition period, you will need to manage your lock codes in two places:

  • Reservations that have already checked-in: Previous locks manager system
    • For guest auto messages, continue to use the variable {{keycode}}
  • Reservations with future check-in dates: Guesty Locks Manager

Once your ongoing reservations have checked out you can use Guesty Locks Manager exclusively, with the variable {{guest_access_code}}.

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