After you connect your listings to Google Vacation Rentals, the listing will be displayed in
the “Vacation Rentals” section of Google Travel. It can also be found while searching in Google Travel’s “Explore” section.


As there is no option to publish a listing directly to Google Vacation Rentals, it must be published in a booking platform instead. The Booking Engine is used as a booking platform and offers a “direct” booking path for guests.

If you listed your listing in online travel agencies (OTAs) such as or Expedia in addition to the Guesty Booking Engine, it may be displayed multiple times in Google Travel search results. This is because Google scans multiple booking platforms, including OTA websites, and presents their available listings.

Often, OTAs distribute their listings to other affiliate booking channels (such as Bluepillow, and These channels may publish your listings as well, offering an alternative way to book a reservation. Note that they may offer a different price than the price you set, depending on their affiliation agreements with the OTAs.

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