What does "Airbnb resolution center" in the guest folio breakdown mean?

The information in this article is relevant if you have the guest folio breakdown. Open any reservation in Guesty and click Balance due/Payout at the top of the page. Below that, check if you have the "Guest folio breakdown" or the "Guest invoice".

If you see a line item called "Airbnb resolution center" in a reservation's guest folio breakdown, it means we received a closed resolution from Airbnb. The information is synced to Guesty but is managed by Airbnb. The Airbnb Resolution Center handles refunds and payment requests for guests and hosts, so if you need to request a refund or additional payment, contact them directly. These requests are eventually resolved by one of the following:

  • Refund from the host (negative)
  • Payment request from the guest (positive) 
  • No refund or payment request 

When a resolution is sent to us (or a few resolutions for the same reservation), an "Airbnb resolution center" line item is added to the guest folio, and the balance due is updated accordingly:

  • A positive amount means the host was paid by the guest.
  • A negative amount means the host paid (refunded) the guest.

The date on the line item reflects when it was sent to Guesty, which could be after the refund/payment actually happened.


The Airbnb Resolution Center is also available through the Guesty API.

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