Where should I manage my Hopper listings, reservations and guest communication?

See below where to set and/or manage your Hopper's listings, reservations, guest communication, and tools.

We recommend that all actions be managed via Guesty unless otherwise indicated.


  • If mentioned to manage a certain action in Guesty, any updates will be synced with the channel 
  • You can contact Hopper support via this link, or send an email to homestx@hopper.com


Where to manage it

Set basic fees (cleaning fee, extra person fee)

In Guesty

Set additional fees & charges

In Guesty.

See here which additional fees are synced with the channel.

Set your cancellation policies

In Guesty.

The following policies:

Free - 2:00 PM at arrival date

Flexible - 1 day prior to arrival

Semi-Flexible - 2 days prior to arrival

Semi-Moderate - 5 days prior to arrival

Moderate - 7 days prior to arrival

Firm - 14 days prior to arrival

Semi-strict - 30 days prior to arrival

Strict - 60 days prior to arrival


The following penalty fees:

Total price

50% of total price

First night fee

Set up markups/markdowns

In Guesty

Set your check-in/check-out times

In Guesty

Define your tax settings

In Guesty.

All taxes are synced except the ones that are classified as "Other"

Create new listings

In Guesty.

Single-units and multi-units are supported.

Complexes & sub-units are not supported (a multi-unit will function as a single-unit).

Edit existing listings

In Guesty.

Making changes to listings after the connection process with the channel was initiated, can only be synced to the channel if the listing’s status is either “Failed” or “Connected”.

For example, if you finished the connection setup to a channel, and the listing is in “Pending” status, adding images to the listing in Guesty won’t be synced to the channel. You will need to wait for the listing’s connection status to change to Connected, or Failed.

If the status changed to “Connect”, the images will be synced to the channel.

If the status changes to “Failed” you will need to initiate the connection process again (the photos will be pushed to the channel).

Manage your calendar & availability

In Guesty

Manage instant bookings

In Guesty

Cancel/alter existing reservations

In Hopper:

You can cancel a reservation via Hopper, and then the information will be pushed to Guesty, only if the listing is "Live" in the channel.


If you'd like to cancel the reservation only in Guesty, please contact us.

Set the listing’s amenities

In Guesty.
Learn more about which amenities are synced with Hopper.

Set up workflows (including sending automated messages)

In Guesty.

You can only send Guesty's Inbox messages to your Hopper guests (including Auto-Messages) and receive messages from your guests via their private email addresses.

Manage payments

In Hopper, except deposits. 

Hopper is the merchant of records, charging the guests, and paying you via a virtual credit card (VCC) or a direct bank transfer. Learn more here

If choosing to receive payments via a VCC, you need to connect the VCC as the payment method for your Hopper listings. Then, you'll be able to charge it.

The host is responsible for collecting security deposit fees, and any other deposits (part of "additional fees") directly from the guests, any deposits will not be charged by Hopper.

Manage your guest communication

In Hopper.
Messages initiated by guests via the channel's messaging tools won't be synced into the Guesty Inbox, including the following:
Emails, comments, special requests, inquiries for reservations, requests to book


You can only send any Guesty's Inbox messages to your Hopper guests (including Auto-Messages) and receive messages from your guests via their private email addresses.

Set up your promotions

In Hopper

Manage guest reviews

In Hopper

Adjust the guest invoice

In Hopper

Refundable fees cannot be added post-reservation. They must always be handled directly between the host and guest. 

Listing's house rules 

In Guesty.

Additional rules, pets, quiet hours, smoking, children policy, events policy

Set your discounts

In Guesty.

Weekly & monthly discounts

Set your smart calendar rules

In Guesty

Set the listing's bed arrangements

In Guesty.

Number of bedrooms

Set the property details

In Guesty.

Property type

Occupancy (max number of guests)

Number of bathrooms




Set the property location

In Guesty.




Set your marketing information

In Guesty.



Set your currency

In Guesty


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