Opportunities Management

Reservation Opportunities is the first big milestone of Guesty's new Lead Management system, where you can follow up on all opportunities in one place. You no longer need to filter your reservations by inquiry or other statuses that need your attention. All guest requests that require action are displayed together in Reservation Opportunities, optimizing your ability to convert requests to confirmations.

Through Reservation Opportunities, you can:

  • Track Reservation Opportunities
    • Know which open reservation opportunities require your attention on a day-to-day basis
    • Easily toggle between a report view, and a pipeline Kanban view to take action on open opportunities in your sales funnel
  • View Multiple Reservations in One Opportunity
    • If a guest creates more than one reservation request in the same calendar month, for different accommodation types or even different listings, they are combined into one opportunity for easy visibility
      • Note: Reservation requests made in different months by the same guest will create separate opportunities. For example:
        • Guest sends reservation requests for Listing A and Listing B in April = one opportunity
        • Guest sends reservation request for Listing A in April, and another request for Listing B in May = two opportunities
  • Catch New Leads
    • When a guest calls or emails about a potential stay, you can create a new opportunity to capture details about the conversation and accommodation options offered for future follow up

For information about creating custom reports, click here. To use the Opportunities Pipeline to track, manage, and analyze opportunities through your sales funnel, follow the steps below.


Automatically confirmed reservations, like instant booking, will not be shown in the Opportunities.


Access the Opportunities pipeline

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click the mode selector and select Growth mode.
  3. Click CRM.


Opportunities statuses

Your opportunities are displayed as cards in columns of four statuses:

  • New
    • New opportunity has been created manually
  • In Progress
    • Reservation has been created, not yet closed
  • Closed Won
    • Reservation status changed to confirmed
  • Closed Lost
    • Reservation status changed to cancelled/declined/closed


Opportunity pipeline management

Below are some of the specific actions you can take within the Opportunities Pipeline to manage your sales funnel.

  • Update Opportunity Status: Simply drag and drop an opportunity card to another status column.
  • Change Reservation Status: When the Opportunity status is changed a pop-up will appear with all related reservations, allowing you to update and ensure that the Opportunity and Reservations statuses are aligned.
  • Assign Salesperson to an Opportunity: On the relevant opportunity card, click the salesperson then from the drop-down select a different sales person.
  • Manage an Open Opportunity: When you click on a card in New or In Progress status, the Opportunity details slide open. Use the details to manage the open Opportunity in several ways:
    • View all related Opportunities and Reservations
    • View guest contact information as well as details such as allergies, pets, and other preferences.
    • View the last five messages in the Inbox
    • Send a new message to the guest
    • Check availability and send a quote
  • Add a Filter, Save View: For example, create a filter for open opportunities; opportunities from Airbnb; or all opportunities in the month of June.
    • Click Add Filter.
    • Enter the relevant filter or filters.
    • Click Save View.
    • To access saved views, click the down arrow to the right of the current view.
  • Create a New Opportunity: Create a new opportunity for interested guests that contact you via phone or email.
    • At the top right click Add new.
    • Fill in the opportunities details.


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