Advanced Website: Blog settings

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Change the thumbnail, name, title, description, and backups for your blog. You can also find your blog's RSS feed URL here. Adding a blog name, title, description and URL are important because they help with your blog SEO. The more keywords used in the name, title, and description, the more relevance your blog will have on search engines. For example, using the term "food blog" in your blog name, title, description and URL helps search engines find your blog when users search for the term "food blog."
In the left panel, click Blog, and then click Blog Settings. You have the following options:
  • Blog name. This name displays on the sites as the title of the All Posts widget.
  • RSS Feed Details. This information appears in RSS feeds.
    • Blog Title. Type a title for the blog.
    • Blog Description. Describe what your blog is about so visitors know what to expect.
  • Blog Thumbnail. Click +Image to select or upload a thumbnail for the blog.
  • RSS feed URL. The RSS feed URL is auto-generated when your site is published.
    • When accessing the RSS feed URL, you can use the Save function in your browser to download the XML as an .rss file. This allows you to export your blog.
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