TourDesk provides a platform to safely offer tours and activities to your guests, either before arrival or during their stay. You will earn a commission on every sale made through the system, while offering a curated selection of experiences.

Copy the Guesty API key

Step by step:


Beta navigation users, please note that the steps below refer to the navigation as seen in the Legacy mode. Read more here about locating menu items in the new navigation.

  1. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  2. In the top navigation bar, click
  3. Click Guesty Marketplace.
  4. Search for "TourDesk" then click Connect.
  5. At the top right click Connect.
  6. In the pop-up, copy the Integration token.
  7. Click OK.


The API token is valid for 4 hours only, proceed to the below steps to connect the partner immediately.

Connect TourDesk with Guesty

Step by step:

  1. Register in TourDesk by entering your Guesty API key copied in the steps above.
  2. In the same onboarding process, select what properties need to be imported into TourDesk and change details as needed.
  3. Complete the onboarding and finalize the TourDesk account set up as indicated here.
If you have any questions, please contact TourDesk.
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