The difference between Guesty Booking Engine and Guesty Websites domains

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time. For information about booking websites for Lite users, refer to the Guesty Booking Engine

You can connect your own domain to the Guesty Booking Engine to improve your branding. When visiting the domain, your visitors will be accessing the Booking Engine. Similarly, your Guesty Website's domain is very important as it allows people to visit your sites. Read more information on the difference between the Guesty Booking Engine and Guesty Website domains below.

Guesty Booking Engine domains

With Guesty Booking Engine, you can use the default domain or connect your own domain that is managed via a 3rd party outside of Guesty.

Guesty Websites domains

With Guesty Websites, you can use the default domain, connect your own domain, or add a new domain. See more information below.

Advanced Website

Basic Website


If you are using a custom domain for both Guesty Websites and Guesty Booking Engine, each should have a different domain URL. As a best practice, name the domains in a way that they relate to each other. For example:

  • Guesty Websites -
  • Guesty Booking Engine -
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