How can I change my Guesty Website’s domain?

The information in this article is relevant only for Pro users at this time. For information about booking websites for Lite users, refer to the Guesty Booking Engine

Your Guesty Website's domain is like its street address; it lets other people find it. Setting up your Guesty Website's domain is very important as it allows people to visit your sites. Your Guesty Website can have a default, connected, or new domain. If you would like to change your Guesty Website's domain, see the information below.

If you would like to change your Guesty Website's default domain, you can change it to one of the following:

Switch the default domain to another default domain

  1. In the left menu, click the SEO & Settings icon.
  2. Click Site Domain.
  3. Click Change site URL.
  4. In the pop-up, under "Default Domain", Enter the desired default domain you wish to use.


    If the domain is already occupied, a notification will appear to inform it.

  5. Click Save.

Connect another domain you already own

Purchase or create a new domain

Migrate your added domain 

  • If you purchased a domain for your Basic Website and upgraded to an Advanced Website, you can migrate your domain to the Advanced Website instead. Also, in case you added a domain for your Advanced Website, you can move it to your Basic Website. Do not disconnect the domain, and contact us to make the change.
  • A Guesty Booking Engine domain cannot be used as your Guesty Website domain, nor vice versa.

Disconnect your added domain from Guesty

Please contact us to disconnect your domain. Do not delete your Guesty Website before we disconnect your domain. In case you decide to remove your Guesty Websites site, please note it is not optional to migrate the domain you added out of Guesty Websites. Once your site is removed, the domain will become free to purchase by others.

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