Mobile App: Changing a reservation's listing

You can move a guest to a different listing while on the go via Guesty's mobile app.
Follow the instructions below.

Step by step:

  1. Sign in to the Guesty Mobile App.
  2. Tap 0e57a9a8-1fac-4f25-8259-9c500f1219fa to view all of your reservations.


    You can also access the relevant reservation by tapping it on the Multi-Calendar.
  3. Tap the relevant reservation.
  4. In the "Summary" section, tap the pencil icon.
  5. Under "Listing", tap the arrow to the right of the existing listing.
  6. Select the listing to move the reservation to.
  7. Tap Save.


Learn how to update the Guesty mobile app to use our latest features and services while on the go.
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