Why are the links in my messages not clickable?

Maintaining fluid and effective communication with your guests is essential for providing excellent customer service. When corresponding with your guests via the Guesty Inbox, you may want to send them links providing important information to enhance their reservation experience.

Read the below article to understand and troubleshoot known issues with clicking links:

  • When sending a message to guests via the Guesty Inbox, links appear in Guesty as not being clickable. However, on the guest's side, they do have a clickable hyperlink.
  • Booking.com's email has sending limitations and therefore links might not be delivered. If you want to send clickable links or phone numbers to your Booking.com guests, we recommend sending them via the Guesty Inbox rather than the through Booking.com platform. 
    Also, note that your guests cannot send you clickable links or phone numbers via the Booking.com platform. Advise your guests to send them via their private emails or through SMS.
  • Airbnb does not support HTML formatting in their messages, and therefore messages sent to guests do not include clickable links. When an HTML based message is sent to a guest, the HTML formatting is stripped out, making links not clickable.
    As a workaround, use Guesty Inbox to send a message with clickable links directly to the guest's private email. 
    Learn how to update a guest's primary email address.
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