My listing page is down or not syncing with Airbnb

A listing can display as "Connected" in Guesty, and show another status on Airbnb for a few reasons.
If you have tried to connect/disconnect an Airbnb listing from Guesty, and the status of the listing remains "Connected" in Guesty, but "Unlisted" on Airbnb, contact Airbnb's support team.

If your listing's status displays "Connected" in Guesty, but "In Progress" on Airbnb, contact us for further assistance.

If your listing's status displays "Connected" in Guesty, but redirects to the Airbnb landing page or to an error 400 page, or if there are sync issues, this is likely caused by Trust and Safety concerns. Airbnb will pause or suspend a listing due to a violation of Airbnb's Trust and Safety concerns or additional policies. Please contact Airbnb Support for further assistance.


For the concern of your safety, we cannot contact Airbnb on your behalf. Airbnb will require you to provide sensitive and/or private information that our Support Team doesn’t have access to.
Learn more with Airbnb's Trust and Safety articles.

Follow the instructions below once your issue with Airbnb is resolved.

Sync and relist your listing

Step by step:

  1. Once your issue is resolved with Airbnb, make sure your listing is "listed" on your Airbnb account.
     In order to relist your listing, Airbnb will need to reactivate the listing first.
  2. Go to the Hosting dashboard.
  3. Go to Listings.
  4. Click Fix Now.
  5. Sign in to your Guesty account.
  6. Unlist the relevant listing.
  7. List the relevant listing.


If you're still experiencing issues after trying to resolve them with the instructions above, contact us for further assistance.


Additional tips

  1. Make sure your account is receiving Airbnb listing notifications directly on Guesty, so that you can stay up-to-date about what's going on with your Airbnb listings.
  2. Review any Airbnb listing issue notifications via the Airbnb Dashboard:
    1. Go to your Airbnb account.
    2. Click on Insights.
    3. Click Listing Issues.
  3. Learn more about how best prepare your listings to meet Airbnb standards, as well as, troubleshooting import errors.
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