Message that was sent to Airbnb from the Inbox appears twice in the message thread

A message that is sent from Guesty to Airbnb should appear only once in the relevant message thread in the Inbox.

View our troubleshooting information below if it appears twice. 

  1. Examine the content of the duplicate messages.
    Sometimes, messages may seem identical when they are not.
    They may, in fact, be two different messages that are both supposed to be sent to the guest. However, if the messages are identical, or identical with some redacted information, check how the message with the missing information looks.
  2. Examine the look of the duplicate messages.
    An Automated Message has diagonal gray stripes in its background and says "Automated message" at the bottom.
    The duplicate with missing information should not have these stripes and should say N/A at the bottom. If this is indeed the case, check which information is missing from the N/A duplicate.

  3. Does the message you sent contain contact information?
    Airbnb hides contact information.
    When Guesty syncs the conversation from Airbnb, the message sent from the Inbox will not include these details.
    Guesty will consider it a new message and sync it again, creating two versions: one with the contact information and one without.
    1. To confirm, see how the message is displayed in Airbnb.
      Note that the message was only sent to the guest once, without the contact information.

  4. If you are using Guesty’s API for communication.
    Make sure nothing is triggering the Automated Message to be sent again through the API.

  5. If the steps above don't resolve the issue, contact us.
    Please include a screenshot of the Airbnb inbox showing that there is only one message as well as one of the following reservation details:
    • Confirmation code
    • Guest’s full name
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