Onboarding to Guesty: Financial Settings

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Previous Step: Booking Channels

Connecting booking channels to your Guesty account.

Current Step: Financial Settings

Now that you are receiving reservations, set up some important account-level financial settings and learn useful financial information related to listings and reservations.

General Financial Settings

  1. Learn how to use Guesty's Revenue Share to divide income between property managers and owners.
  2. Add taxes to your Guesty account.
  3. Add markups to your Guesty account to cover booking channel fees.
  4. Add a booking channel's commission to your Guesty account.
  5. Learn how to create an inventory of additional fees in Guesty.
  6. Use custom reports to create a financial report.

Listing-level Financial Information

  1. Learn how to use Guesty's Rate Strategy.
  2. Learn how to use Guesty's Rate Plans.
  3. Learn how to use Promotions.

Reservation-level Financial Information

Next Step: Automation Tools

Getting acquainted with Guesty's automation tools.
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