Automated Message was sent when it wasn't supposed to

Automated Messages let you automate the sending of messages that you use repeatedly.

View our troubleshooting information below if an Automated Message was sent when it wasn't due to be sent.


1. Check if the feature is active on the listing

The Automated Message feature can be activated or deactivated individually per listing. Check if the feature is active on the particular listing when it should be deactivated.

Check if the Automated Message template has been activated for the listing

Once you have created an Automated Message template, you can activate or deactivate it at any time.

2. Check if all Automated Messages were turned on for a particular reservation

You can cancel the sending of all scheduled Automated Messages for a particular reservation.
The reservation's scheduled Automated Messages may have been turned back on.

Learn how to turn off an Auto Message for a reservation.

3. Check when the Automated Message template was last edited

If an Automated Message template is edited after the message is sent, you may think it should not have been sent.
For example, if you add a "number of guests" sending condition so that the message will only be sent if the reservation has more than 4 guests, and the reservation has 3 guests, you may expect the message to not be sent, when in fact, it already has.

  • To check this, open the relevant listing to see when the Automated Message was last edited. This information appears on each Automated Message template.

4. Check the Automated Message template's sending conditions

You can choose whether or not an Automated Message is sent based on conditions that you set.
The added conditions set may have enabled the message to be sent, when it shouldn't have been.

Pro users: If a condition is added based on a custom field that has a Yes/No answer, check the relevant listing or reservation to see if the toggle is on or off.
The toggle may have been incorrectly set, or only changed after the message was due to be sent.

5. Check to see if a guest has multiple reservations

If a guest has multiple reservations, all of their messages are displayed within the same conversation thread in the Guesty Inbox.
As such, it may appear as if an Automated Message was sent for a certain reservation when it was sent for a different reservation.

When a guest has multiple reservations, an arrow is displayed next to the confirmation code at the top of the Reservation Widget in the Inbox.

  • Click the arrow and select the relevant reservation from the drop-down.
    The Automated Messages Widget will display upcoming and previous Automated Messages for the selected reservation. 

6. Check the workflow activity log to track which changes were made

Learn more.


Consider that changes to settings may have been made since the Automated Message was due to be sent.
For example, an Automated Message template may be currently deactivated, but activated at the time of sending.

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