Check-in form link is hidden on Vrbo

When a guest sends you a message from Vrbo regarding a reservation, Guesty receives the message with the proxy email associated with that reservation. If the guest has more than one reservation, Guesty will receive a different proxy email for each reservation conversation, and they will all be merged under the same conversation thread in the Guesty Inbox.

Additionally, when messages are sent from the Guesty Inbox to an unconfirmed Vrbo reservation, personal information such as email addresses, phone numbers, and links to websites are hidden on the Vrbo inbox for privacy reasons.

If you sent a guest an Automated Message with a link to a Check-In Form, but the link is hidden on Vrbo, this indicates you sent it to an unconfirmed reservation. This can happen if the guest has an unconfirmed reservation and they message you from it regarding a confirmed reservation: Guesty will receive the proxy email associated with the unconfirmed reservation, even though you and the guest are really discussing a confirmed reservation.

If you and the guest are indeed communicating through an unconfirmed reservation, you can solve the issue in one of the following ways:

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