Inbox: Automated Message was sent twice in the same conversation thread

Returning guests are our most valued customers. To ensure top-notch service and to give you a context of past interactions with a guest, reservations from the same guest are merged into a single conversation thread in the Inbox.

If an Automated Message appears twice in the same conversation thread, follow our troubleshooting below:

  • Check if the guest has multiple reservations: A drop-down at the top of the Reservation section of the Inbox Widget indicates that there is more than one reservation associated with this conversation thread.
  • Click the drop-down to select each reservation: The information in the Widget will update according to the selected reservation. You can see which messages were sent for this reservation in the Automated Messages section of the Inbox Widget, under "History".

If an Automated Message appears in the "History" of two different reservations, this indicates that while both instances appear on the same conversation thread, the message was sent for each reservation separately. 

If an Automated Message appears twice in the "History" of one single reservation, this indicates that both messages were indeed sent for a single reservation. In this case, we recommend checking the setup of the Automated Message to see if the reservation meets the sending conditions of both messages.

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